Getting older doesn’t mean that you should automatically hang up your car keys; however, regular assessment of  your driving abilities, whether a senior or anyone of any age,  is something that we all have a responsibility to do.

Here are some signs for seniors to be aware of that it could time to limit or stop driving:

  1. You often have close calls with other drivers
  2. You are beginning to feel nervous when you drive
  3. You are missing stop signs and street signals
  4. You feel that cars, people and bicyclists are beginning to appear out of nowhere while you driving
  5. You often get lost driving to places you have driven to many times before
  6. You are noticing dents appear on your car or even scrapes on mail boxes or other property
  7. You are having a hard time looking behind you while driving,  or looking in left or right directions
  8. You are not always staying in your own lane while driving

No one wants to give up their independence of being able to, at any time, jump into their car and head out wherever they desire or need to go, but we all have to agree that our vision is not what it use to be and our bodies are not as limber for quick reactions that are  needed when driving a vehicle.

It is well understood that the ability to drive is an important part of life for a senior to maintain  their health and home needs. At Quality Care, we provide services to help you remain in your and to have your needs met. Our caregivers not only help you with normal daily living tasks around your home and keep you company, but they also want to help you get to the grocery store, to your medical appointments and even out of your house to enjoy life! Call us when you need help, our senior caregivers are here for you!

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