Seniors and Pets – Healthy Benefits

Pets can provide  seniors with not only unconditional love and companionship, but there are quite a few studies that also show that having a cat or a dog can help an elderly person with many health benefits, too. Studies and observations of pet ownership have shown : 1) Pets may lower blood pressure and pulse rate 2) A study has shown that pet owners have 21%  fewer visits […]

Senior Falls Can Be a Sign of A Medical Problem

Senior falls can be serious and they may be a sign of a medical condition that needs treatment. Be sure to contact your Doctor to determine the cause… And when you want the security of home care assistance and a companion, contact us at Quality Care Services.

Are you looking for In-home Senior Care in Conroe Texas?

For in-home senior care in Conroe Texas, Call us at our Quality Care Services – Spring / Woodlands / Conroe office. Our caregivers take care of seniors in their home, in hospitals during stays, and will also provide companionship and senior care in nursing or assisted living facilities.